Just a little bit.

Banana Republic blazer, Ralph Lauren top, Club Monaco scarf, Ann Taylor Loft belt, Forever 21 pants, Fossil watch

I’ve been experimenting with color a lot lately. A few days ago I invested in some coral pants and today I’m sporting these teal (?) colored pants. In high school, as many of you know, I wasn’t known for color, so I’m pretty darn proud of myself for investing in colored bottoms. My collection of colored bottoms has gone from one pair of hot pink shorts to a hot pink skirt, teal pants, and coral pants – that’s what I call progress. I like wearing color and it’s perfect for spring – it’s just a matter of what colors actually look good with my skin tone. Let’s be honest here, I look terrible in yellow because well, I’m Asian and there’s quite a bit of yellow hues in my skin tone. My recommendation when investing in colored items? Try them on first.


In other news, I’m heading home to Dallas tomorrow to enjoy time with my family, get my wisdom teeth pulled, and interview with a public relations and marketing agency. May the odds be ever in my favor. Happy spring and happy spring break to all!


A little color.

Banana Republic top, J.Crew shorts, Loft belt.

Banana Republic top, J.Crew shorts, Loft belt.

Sometimes, the happiest days are the ones spent with good friends grocery shopping, taking a drive, reading, and enjoying a little cheese a wine. The only thing smiling brighter than my face right now are my shorts. If I told my high school self that I would one day be convinced to wear pink shorts, my high school self would think I was crazy. A little color goes a long way.

Life and what not.

Banana Republic blazer & top, Loft belt, Fossil watch, Forever 21 jeans, boots via Amazon, Longchamp bag, necklace via Etsy

Banana Republic blazer & top, Loft belt, Fossil watch, Forever 21 jeans, boots via Amazon, Longchamp bag, necklace via Etsy

In case you were wondering what has been going on in my life lately and why the blog posts have not been arriving as frequently, it’s because classes have started and I’m still trying to convince myself that my sleep schedule will not be completely destroyed this semester. I’m taking 15 hours of coursework and interning 12 hours a week. However, I can’t complain because I’m enjoying the classes I’m taking and loving every minute of my internship. Just to prove that I love it, I even informed my boss that I wanted to work 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. this Monday, which is Martin Luther King Jr. day – a student holiday according to the academic calendar. Yeah, that’s how much I enjoy my job.

On the internship note, I’ve written two blog posts that were published this week and I am beyond excited to the point where I can’t describe how happy I am to get to include them in my portfolio. Business blogging is definitely different from the average I do on Industry & Conversation, but I enjoy it and it’s part of the learning process; that’s what internships are for right? To learn and grow from experience.

You can read the posts here and here.

Here’s to a (hopefully) successful semester!

The new place.

Ralph Lauren cardigan, Johnny Cotton top, necklace via Macy's.

Ralph Lauren cardigan, Johnny Cotton top, necklace via Macy’s.

Do you see this face? This is the face of a really happy intern. When I initially accepted the position, I was afraid I had made the wrong decision. You see, I’ve always told myself I was going to consistently work in-house for technology/engineering companies and maybe intern once for an agency/firm senior year before graduating, just to say I had that “experience.” However, when I saw the opening for this particular firm, I knew I wanted it. For one, the manager is a fellow University of Texas Longhorn and she’s been my mentor since the beginning of my freshman year, so I guess you could say I was a bit biased. At the end of my various interviews, I turned down the up and coming medium-sized tech giant for the boutique marketing and communications agency.

I kept telling myself that I knew what it was like to be an aspiring public relations professional, but in reality, I didn’t. I didn’t know what it was like to have to adapt to several clients and wear different hats within the course of just a day; I didn’t know the foundations that would lead to success within the industry. In the past two days alone, I have learned more about media research, Cision, press release writing, and juggling different accounts than I ever thought I would. If the past two days are any indication for the rest of the semester, I am beyond excited.

Coming back early just to start my internship was worth it. Here’s to a wonderful semester of learning and discovery.

Chapter two.

In August, I moved into my first apartment. Now, it’s December and I have two weeks of classes left and one final. Sophomore year is definitely flying by faster than I initially expected it would. Yet again, I have learned more about myself than I ever have before. The closing of the semester calls for more festivities of the social variety. Tonight, a dear friend of mine is hosting a holiday potluck and instead of attempting to cram in a few more pieces of information for my government test, I chose to write this blog post, and document my outfit for the evening.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 7.16 PM #2

Urban Outfitters sweater, Forever 21 skirt

Fossil Watch, necklace via Macy’s

Ignore the fact that I’m a bit socially awkward. I’m really quite terrible at these outfit shots. The close up was for the purposes of a better view of the watch and necklace; oh, and my epic red lipstick too. I hope every is surviving finals/end of classes season.


Inspiration for the Fashion Failure: Midterm Woes Edition.

My mornings have become revolved around a ritual. I pry myself out of bed after pressing the snooze button on my alarm at least three times, groan for a few seconds, check the weather, and browse through Pinterest and fashion blogs for inspiration on what to wear. Confession: I’ve become somewhat lazy when it comes to documenting my 30 for 3 Remix outfits. My hats off to the fashion bloggers out there who can wake up each morning and remember to document their outfits via their professional cameras – the world knows I’m terrible at remembering to do the same.

Instead of describing some grand interesting array of outfits like the fashion bloggers out there do, this edition will revolve around the inspiration behind my outfits, and document possibly the only outfit I have actually taken a picture of in the past week. I swear I have a reasonable excuse for my laziness; it’s midterm season and the overachiever in me refuses to let my obsession with steering away from T-shirts and running shorts hold a higher place than the destruction of pride I will receive if given a poor grade on a midterm.

Nevertheless, I present to you, the top online sources I venture for my daily outfit inspiration:

  1. Pinterest: the concept seems so simple, see a “pin” you think is aesthetically appealing and pin it to a “board” for future inspiration, or as I like to call it “pinspiration.” Laugh at my made-up words, I sure did. Each morning I find myself scrolling through pins to add to my “wear.” board, which is filled with outfit ideas that I will try to recreate with the pieces I currently own.
  2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls: this is by far one of my most favorite daily reads. I guess one can’t call her blog a read, since it’s mainly photographic evidence of her fabulous outfits. Although I cannot afford the majority of the pieces Sarah Vickers sports in all her posts, I can sure as hell try to recreate them.
  3. Cupcakes and Cashmere: if you were following my blog before this project started, you will understand why I adore this blog so much. Emily Schuman combines two of my favorite topics: stylish outfits and savory foods. Her outfits venture outside of the box and provide me with the necessary push I need to succeed in forcing myself to wear something that sets me apart from the sea of running shorts and baggy T-shirts on campus.
  4. Kendi Everday: last, but definitely not least, Kendi – the woman who inspired me to even start this 30 piece challenge. Although I am not at her level of wardrobe remixing just yet, I enjoy scrolling through her outfits. Kendi’s daily outfits are reasonable and revolve around basic pieces that the average modern woman owns in their own closets – the comfy pair of skinny jeans, the classic button up, the cozy sweater, and so on.

Although my outfit documentations are limited, I hope the inspiration from these fashionable women finds you well. I browse through their blogs for daily inspiration, motivation, and to take note of how they brand themselves in the sea of fashion bloggers.

TJ Maxx blouse, J.Crew shorts, sandals via Dilliard’s. (Photo: Vi Tran)

My dear readers, I regret to inform you that this is the only outfit I managed to document this week. I am indeed a failure at documentation, but I swear I have only sported pieces from my 30 and avoided the typical “collegiate” wear. Pardon my laziness, let’s hope my next post will result in a wide variety of outfits to show proof that my project isn’t a complete failure.

Weather, Wardrobe, Weary.

After 16 years of living in Texas, you would think I understood the concept of Texas weather. Texas is one of those states that can cause you to sweat buckets in the morning, and have chattering teeth in the evening. The saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather right now, wait a few hours.” There have been some instances where I have even felt like I have experienced all four seasons within one day. I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer safe to leave my apartment without first visiting weather.com for the hourly forecast.

Week 2 Outfits:

Banana Republic top & skirt, Ann Taylor Loft flats, Fossil watch (V.Tran)

Ralph Lauren shirt, Lilly Pulitzer skirt, JC Penny flats (V.Tran)

Banana Republic cardigan, TJ Maxx blouse, American Eagle jeans, JC Penny flats (V.Tran)

J.Crew top, Forever 21 skirt (V.Tran)

I’m not going to lie, documenting my outfits on a daily basis has become somewhat of a chore. Even worse, I’m having the hardest time trying to create stylish, yet work appropriate outfits. There have been countless times where I find myself standing in front of my closet wanting to create outfits with other items that aren’t in my 30 pieces. To find motivation to continue this three week journey, I have browsed through a list of fashion blogs that have done the 30 for 30 challenge.

Upon some research, I stumbled upon a post by I Heart This Blog, which gives the top three tips from someone who has done the challenge. It has come to my attention that every observance listed in the top three is accurate. It is definitely easier for me to create winter, or in Texas weather case “fall-ish” looks, than summery looks. I don’t exactly know about the having a 1-year-old part, but I would imagine it would be more difficult remix with a child. I guess my 1-year-old is my current internship, so remixing in my 5″ shorts is probably not the brightest idea for an engineering research company. With that in mind, here are the top three lessons I’ve learned so far in my first week of remixing.

1. Have a better variety of pieces to remix with: between Texas weather, schlepping 1.5 miles just to get to class, interning, and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I have learned that versatility and comfort of clothing choices is incredibly important

2. Browsing through shopping sites is not a good idea during the remix process. The point of the remix is to gain self control from impulsively buying. Trust me, I almost purchased a Kate Spade purse the other night simply because it was an additional 30% off, even though I have a similar Coach swing bag

3. Sometimes, it’s okay to create an outfit similar to one you have already remixed. With the limited amount of pieces to remix, sometimes I find myself wearing basically the same outfit. For example, a blue Ralph Lauren button up with jeans and then a white Ralph Lauren button up with the same jeans. It’s okay to get lazy, just don’t do it too often.

Here’s to another week and hoping the remix odds will be ever in my favor.

Wear What One Owns.

At some point or another, we have all found ourselves standing in front of our closet wondering, “I have a closet full of clothes, but why don’t I have anything to wear?” I don’t know about you, but as a financially disabled college student, taking an adventure to the mall is not usually the answer to this dilemma. So, for the next three weeks, I am transforming my blog from a place to vent about my adventures as a public relations major in the engineering industry, to my journey to use the items in my closet to their full potential.

So what is this “30 for 3 remix” nonsense you ask? It simply means I will choose thirty items from my closet and form fifteen, hopefully stylish, outfits. Why fifteen outfits? There are five work/school days during the week, and this project is a three week long process, so a total of fifteen outfits. The point of this project is to embrace the versatility of the pieces in my closet. The best part of this project will be working with what I have, rather than browsing through countless racks at the mall or online sales for items I can barely afford. By knowing what I already own, I will become a better shopper and steer away from impulsive purchases. I discovered this idea through a blog I read on a daily basis, Kendi Everyday. Kendi is a blogger from McKinney, Texas – a suburb of Dallas – who chose thirty pieces in her wardrobe and remixed outfits for thirty days.

The first step of the process will be assessing what I currently have in my closet, and documenting contenders for the thirty pieces. I will then organize them into: tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. I will choose the pieces according to their versatility. Because I live in Texas, where weather can change from hot to cold within seconds, I will have pieces that can be layered.

2 cardigans, 4 skirts, 3 button-ups, 3 blouses, 1 dress, 1 blazer (V.Tran)

2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 4 pairs of shoes (V.Tran)

I’m not going to lie, it was fairly difficult choosing the pieces. I had to take into consideration if all these outfits were also office appropriate, considering I intern in the morning and I’m pretty sure my boss would not be keen on the idea of me waltzing around the sea of engineers in short shorts. On top of the pieces shown above, my last five pieces are accessories: a watch, earrings, a ring, and two headbands.

Day 1 – 3 Outfits:

Banana Republic blazer, Ralph Lauren button-up, American Eagle jeans, boots via Amazon (V.Tran)

blouse via TJ Maxx, J.Crew belt, American Eagle jeans, Fossil watch, Ann Taylor Loft flats (V.Tran)

Banana Republic cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft tank, J.Crew skirt, Ann Taylor Loft flats, classic pearls (V.Tran)

For those of you who read my blog often, this feature is an assignment for my “Writing for Public Relations” class and will last three weeks, with one post per week. I will update this post every Wednesday with my outfits up until that day.

The Under 21 Club.

J.Crew skirt, Banana Republic top, classic pearls, Fossil watch.

Tonight I headed to Buca di Beppo in north Austin for a company dinner. I sported this outfit in the office this morning, and decided to go ahead and wear it for the evening. Since Buca is a fairly casual restaurant, I didn’t feel the need to dress up too nicely. But this wasn’t your average company dinner; this dinner had executive members from fortune 500 companies that just happen to be our company’s clients. So yes, an impression needed to be made.

I walked into the restaurant not knowing what to expect. Everyone was already seated and making dents into their respective meals, while casually sipping on red wine. The environment was casual and it was nice to be able to pick the brains of these top executives without the fear of being judged too much. Of course, there was the question of “Would you like some red wine?” And then the table realized I was underage. The joys of being the youngest person at the office, right? Nevertheless, they seemed impressed and overall, it was a night worth documenting, if not just for my fairly cute outfit.

Constitution Princess.

J.Crew top, Forever 21 skirt, rose gold Fossil watch, Cotone bracelet, Macy’s necklace.

Remember when I used to do outfit posts on this blog? I decided to finally post one from the apartment. This skirt makes me feel like a princess and was probably one of the more affordable skirts I have purchased at full price. Can you say $15? Forever 21 is usually a hit or miss store, so I was very excited to find this lovely piece. The weather is lovely, and today, I am finalizing my articles for the company newsletter. There is nothing more exciting to a PR intern than acquiring writing samples for a portfolio – duh, winning.

Happy Constitution Day everyone! My heart goes out to those who went through the bomb threats at LSU today. Us UT kids totally understand what you’re going through – at least, to some degree.