In November 2011, I returned to Dallas for Thanksgiving break and found myself developing this blog. I initially created this blog as a place for me to display to the public relations industry that I knew how to blog, but now, it has become a space for me to update the world on what I have learned on my journey to becoming a PR pro. Along the way, I have inserted a few posts about my adventures and experiments in the kitchen and surviving the technology industry among the sea of engineers who still wonder why as a public relations major would I even want to leave the glamour for technical products my mind barely understands (yet). Occasionally, I will also go on a rant or passionate oration about life, love, and maintaining my sanity in college.

I like warm cups of well-brewed coffee – hold the sugar and cream, long conversations, the sound of rain, driving on open country roads, and picking the minds of those who process information differently. Oh, I’m also a senior at The University of Texas at Austin pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations and a business foundations certificate.

I’m just a reality engineer who likes the tech industry a lot – let’s grab a cup of coffe and chat.


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