Get Involved: PRSSA

As I sit here at my gate at the Austin-Bergstrom airport, waiting for my flight to my final PRSSA National Conference, I can’t help but look get a little sentimental. This will be my last national event with the organization that has impacted so much of my college career.

When I first stepped foot on the Forty Acres of The University of Texas at Austin, I had no idea what the hell public relations was. All I knew was that 1) I really liked to write, but concise writing 2) McCombs rejected me as a marketing major, so by default I was accepted into PR 3) I was determined to figure out what PR was.

So I joined the Public Relations Student Society of America – it sounded fancy enough, right?

Four years later, I’m President of the organization that gave so much to me when I was a deer-caught-in-headlights freshman. I’ve traveled to four different cities for conferences because of this organization. I know a smart PR/communication pre-professional from almost every state. Now, I can point on a cool city I want to visit and I can say, “I can crash on ____’s couch.”

I know this blog post might come across as nothing short of a shameless plug, but I’m so glad I’ve joined this organization. If you have the opportunity on your campus to join, please do. This year, UT PRSSA is restructuring our chapter to provide more resources, so members actually get their money’s worth. National writing opportunities, diverse types of PR/advertising agency tours, a strong mentorship program and as always, free food at as many events as possible.

While my next career move isn’t directly related to PR, I believe the skills I’ve learned through my classes, PRSSA and internships are still relevant.


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