From Coast to Coast


As everyone and their mom already knows, I spent my weekends venturing to San Francisco this summer. I fell in love with the city – its coffee, cafes and its people. While I wouldn’t have changed my summer for the world, coming home to an empty one bedroom apartment wasn’t always the easiest on days when I wasn’t too tired from work.

This was the summer where the majority of my close friends were spread from coast to coast. Some were conquering Chicago’s media and advertising hubs, while others were taking on the Big Apple’s publishing giants. And then there are the ones that enjoyed the beauty of Austin and all its glory.

Last summer, I interned in Austin – a city I know like the back of my hand. I paired up with some close friends to make Austin’s own version of the Intern Project. While it wasn’t as big as the San Francisco/Bay Area Intern Project, it made summer a lot easier after long days in cube land.

This summer, I found myself in the middle of nowhere California with a one-hour commute to civilization. The commutes were always long to San Francisco or San Jose, but the people I spent time with were some of the best people. I met more Michigan engineers than I ever thought I would meet. But as wonderful as they were, I couldn’t help but be envious of all of them. All their friends were there. Familiar faces surrounded them after a long day at work. Me? My best friends were scattered across the states – some even across the water.

Which brings me to another point: is this what life after college will be like? When we walk across the stage in a few short months, will our friendships be solely based on digital interactions on social media and FaceTime conversations? Until we’re less on the entry-level broke side of the income bracket, will we only be able to promise to book those plane tickets and make the couches to crash?

As I start to compile a list of companies I could see myself work for, I notice they’re all on the West Coast or Pacific Northwest. I always knew I wanted to get out of Texas after graduation. This summer was a test to prove whether I could handle being away from everything I knew, everyone I knew and all the comforts of home.

If this is what growing up feels like, then I thank the brilliant engineers for building digital tools to communicate with everyone that makes my heart warm.



  1. So? Are you ready to leave Texas, the place you’ve called home for so long, and move to another city, another home, another world?– p.s I always keep up with your blogs. haha well everyone’s really:)

    • I think this past summer proved to me that I am capable of leaving Texas and I’m really excited for the future. Texas will forever be “home” to me, but adventure is out there and leaving Texas will prove to be beneficial.

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