#Internlife: the final countdown.


When I first received my Amazon internship offer letter, I was informed the internship would be 10 weeks. I knew 10 weeks was short, but it didn’t hit me just how short until yesterday when I finished week 9 of the program.

After flying out to Seattle for the Planet of the Intern summit, I returned to week 9 and it was time to run the shift. Since week three of my internship when I launched KIVA Systems in our fulfillment center, I played the role of a process assistant while our actual PA was out. However, acting as an Area Manager was a new challenge that worried me.

Tues., July 15, I entered the FC at 6:30 a.m. ready to take on the challenge.

My manager had informed me he was leaving the second half of the day, which was fine because I knew I had the support of my associates and process assistant. However, an hour after he left, all hell broke loose. My PA had to leave because of a family emergency – I wouldn’t have wanted him to stay with that in the back of his mind.

To say I was stressed out would be an understatement. I was living off of two eggs in my stomach that I had eaten at 5:30 a.m. and my body was using what little energy it was getting from the cough drops I was shoving down my throat to survive. But for some reason, I did survive.

I can honestly say that that afternoon summed up my internship in a nutshell. It tested every ounce of physical and mental energy I had. On paper, it looks like I should have passed out and given up, but in reality, I actually got a thrill out of it. Why? Because I had support. Support from my team. When I say my team, I mean the associates. Yes, I did have the support of the other managers, but I don’t think I could have made it out alive if I didn’t have associates who trusted me to not mess up.

Amazon might be known as the world’s biggest supply chain business, but to me, it’s a people business. Learning how to communicate with this diverse team of associates has helped me grow from a timid and confused intern to someone who actually has the potential to be a manager.

As I enter my last week of interning, all I can say is I don’t regret this experience. Even with the walls I’ve hit, the road blocks that made me cry harder than at any other job and the lack of food that has caused my sugar levels to plummet – I don’t regret any of it. Whether or not I return as an Area Manager for Amazon or not, this is an experience I recommend to anyone who wants to build their management skills, build a stronger backbone, learn to communicate with a large team and overall, mature at a faster rate. You have to literally think on your feet and you have to think fast or you’ll surely get left behind.



  1. This is an awesome blog. Especially since I know exactly what you went through. You summed it all up perfectly, and it couldn’t have been worded better. Working as an area manager, or in my case a PA, will test your willpower and your leadership ability constantly. Your associates having your back will always get you through it. Amazon is not an easy company to work for, but their core values are sincere.

    It was great working with you. Good luck with your future endeavors, regardless of where they may be. Reaching the next rung on the ladder can be done on your own, with enough willpower. But reaching the stars requires a lot of people holding you up.

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