Love in the Age of Tinder

Photo: Techno Buffalo

If you’re a college kid, a young professional or just single and bored, you’ve probably heard of the ever-so-interesting app, Tinder. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I admit I have downloaded and played around with it. Call me crazy, but it’s a shallow time killer that one can’t deny is rather entertaining. I’m partially ashamed and partially feeling no shame whatsoever. If you go to a university like mine, I guarantee you at least 80% of the student body has one.

But in a digital age where online dating seems to result in more dates than just meeting someone randomly at a coffee shop or the classroom, it comes as no surprise that the app has become so popular among the Generation Y crowd.

But here’s a few things I learned from Tinder:

1. Being Asian means you will get messages like, “will you be my first Asian?” or “you’re really pretty for an Asian girl.”

2. Everyone chooses the best pictures of themselves

3. Some guys are really really REALLY persistent

4. If a guy has a group photo, make sure you’re swiping right for the guy you’re actually attracted to and not his friend who’s next to him

5. If he says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, YOU CAN/SHOULD BLOCK HIM

6. Be careful who you actually meet up with

7. Yes, there are times when you accidentally swipe “no” when you meant to swipe “yes.” There are no do-overs in Tinderland

8. I have not personally started a conversation, but you can if you want – go you!

9. There are a lot of guys holding puppies/kittens just to look adorable – don’t fall for it

10. Avoid the guy with strange fetishes – i.e. “I’m really into Asian girls.” BLOCK.

11. Just for kicks and giggles: my rule is to always swipe right when you see a friend or someone you know

And now I’m going to delete this app and partially regret ever announcing publicly that I had it to begin with.


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