A Letter to My Freshman Self.

I recently changed my profile picture on my Facebook page to one of my mother and me during Christmas of my freshman year of college, which got me thinking about how it seemed like just yesterday I was a freshman and now…I’m not.

The first semester of my junior year is coming to a close and finals are just around the corner. The weather is chilly in Austin and I’m getting rather…nostalgic to say the least. I’m not even a senior yet, but just knowing that the school year will soon end in a few months and I will be entering the last year as a college student terrifies me.

So here’s a tribute to the lessons I have learned so far that I wish my freshman self knew when I first stepped foot on the Forty Acres.

The Boys.

But really. There was a point during freshman year where I thought every guy who wanted to kiss me was somewhat interested. It’s crazy to think about it now because I’ve learned to be smarter. Don’t cry over the first college boyfriend. Don’t assume that the fraternity brother who you made out with and called you “beautiful,” is actually interested, and whatever you do, do not make out with the boy who’s visiting from another school who won’t remember your name the next time you see him.


Don’t take a course load of every single challenging class you can possibly think of – have a combination of different types of classes if you can. Learn the names of the people in your classes and be their friend, not just the person who you go to for notes. Most importantly: actually go to office hours, not just TA office hours, but professor ones too.


I know you like meeting everything and anything, but really, figure out who your group of friends is. You will meet your best friends and your worst frenemies this year. Love your close friends unconditionally.


Networking will always be key and those handwritten notes do matter. Don’t stop meeting smart people who want to teach you.

Student Organizations.

Stop spreading yourself so thin you can barely move. Join the ones that matter and be involved in them. Joining 100 organizations and being a crappy member won’t do you any good.


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