The source of my obsession.

At some point in every internship, every mentor, manager and colleague always sits me down for coffee and asks, “what made you choose technology over every industry?” That’s the part where I cue the shortened version of my very cheesy story.

When I was applying to colleges, I didn’t fully understand what I wanted to major in; all I knew was that science wasn’t my forte and that I liked communicating with people. Come senior year, I enrolled in a professional internship program course and found myself listening to a variety of speakers across several industries. One in particular stood out to me. He was a systems engineer for Cisco who had immigrated to America and achieved what many would classify as “the American dream.” After he spoke, I emailed him and thanked him for the opportunity to listen to him and then he offered me something that would define my career goals: a tour of the Cisco campus.

When I ventured to Cisco, I knew the fellow interns who toured with me were all engineering or computer science – I was be sole marketing kid. I looked around at all the products, became mesmerized by the equipment and admired the engineers who spoke technical terms in such an eloquent manner. In that moment, I knew what realm of PR and marketing I wanted to pursue.

As I’ve said a million times before and I’ll say it again, I’m perfectly happy with my decision to enter the technology and engineering industry. I don’t know if the systems engineer knew how much of an impact that one tour had on my career goals, but he did and for that, I am forever grateful.


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