Confinement Isn’t An Option.

I’m closing in on the one month mark of my summer internship and the initial skepticism has blossomed into pure excitement. I have reached a point where I understand 99 percent of the projects I’m doing, the products the company designs and am comfortable with the people and culture. This summer just might have the potential to go down into the books as one of the best summers I’ve had.

I honestly think that part of my happiness from this job not only has to do with the supervisors I’m working with, but also because of the interns I have met. Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are 225 interns from 60 different universities. This huge number seemed intimidating at first glance, but now that I have actually gotten to know a fair number of them, I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think the best part about  being a marketing and communications intern in the sea of engineering interns is the massive amount of information I’m learning. Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I want to work with engineers after I graduate and what better way to prepare for the future than immersing myself in a sea of future engineering professionals?

After two weeks of lunching with engineering interns because none of the marketing and communications interns were at the office, I reached a point where I was learning about each department of the company through the hands-on work the technical interns were doing. By the time I finally started the simplified version of product training, I already knew the majority of the information presented and I wasn’t lost during the course. Shout out to all the hardware/software interns that talked to me about their projects because I believe everything you’re doing is fantastic.

What I have learned within the past few weeks is that confining myself in my comfort bubble would have restricted me from the potential of this internship. I’m meeting people who process information different that come from different parts of the state, country, and globe. The melting pot of views will be the main source of why I enjoy this internship as much as I do. I may be receiving the lowest hourly wage I’ve ever had at an internship aside from the unpaid ones I did in high school, but the experience is definitely making up for it.

So, to all the marketing, business, and communications interns out there who are interning in-house this summer, go mingle with the other departments – you won’t regret it.


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