Marketing Princess + Reality Engineer

As I am sifting through my emails from companies and reading all my usual publications, I can’t help but notice that there is a constant push for more STEM programs and an emphasis on increasing the number of candidates for degrees in engineering/science programs. As much as I support this push and lord knows our society needs it, I can’t help but wonder if my focus in the technology industry has gone unnoticed. I am not majoring in engineering or any science, unless you count that computer science minor of mine, but that’s another story.

As you know by now, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in public relations. While the majority of my peers tend to steer towards the path of the “glamorous” side of PR, I chose a different route. I am a strong advocate of engineers and the technologies they create. My mind wasn’t built to create the same technologies, but my goodness I want to be a part of it. Which brings me to my main point: students in marketing, communications, PR and any other similar major should consider the technology industry.

At times, I have felt that my classes have focused solely on acquiring a position in large PR/advertising agencies to a degree that the in-house opportunities go unnoticed. Or better yet, sometimes classes focus more on the “cool” industries such as fashion and entertainment. Can I be a marketing princess and a nerd too? I geek out so much when it comes to the latest products and software innovations. The technology industry is quickly growing and so is the world of public relations, so why not pursue both?

I like to think that the electrical engineers design the software, but I’m the reaility engineer that promotes it to the consumers, so that the market knows just how amazing it is and why it is a relevant part of daily life.



  1. I think you’ve made the right decision. I don’t think the US needs more STEM graduates. STEM jobs outnumber STEM graduates by a factor of 2. We need more imagination combined with engineering. This is the stuff Steve Jobs lived for, he aspired to be at the intersection of Engineering & Humanities. That’s exactly what you’re aspiring to be. Ignore your classes / Professors that are focused on traditional PR & Advertising. Tech companies need Marketing, humanities, and general creative people to make products more humane, interesting, and ultimately more successful. People buy experiences, not technology. I think some engineers forget this and are too wrapped up in the technology. It’s equally as important to think about design, creative, marketing, launches, and how they tie into engineering.

  2. Tech folk are going to love you. Do you know what it’s like trying to explain technical details to airheads? Having a background in the field and a respect for the trade will make you better than any other PR professional vying for the same position.

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