The MarCom Intern.

When I first entered college, I always believed in the concept of “go big or go home.” Maybe it’s partially because I grew up in Texas and we all know that everything is bigger in Texas or maybe it’s because I like flaunting hot shot names. Regardless of the reasoning behind my mentality, it has definitely changed. After a few small comapny internships, I have found myself at a large technology company and I can honestly say that I am scared out of my mind.

This summer, the company had a record of 225 interns from 60 different universities. Within this group of talented technical, communications and business students are 10 marketing and communications (MarCom) interns – myself included. In other words, I feel like I’m just a small fish in a very big pond. For the first time in a long time, I’m completely terrified as to how I will stack up against the other interns. Okay, so I obviously can’t compare myself to the software/hardware engineering interns, but I can definitely rate myself based on the standards set by the others. To add to the skepticism is the fact that I am this specific sub-department’s first intern ever. No pressure, right?

For the next few months, I will be updating on how I manage to survive and not become lost in the sea of interns, how I juggle large corporate life and attempt to make sure the software, hardware, and R&D departments don’t view me as a complete idiot.


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