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WhiteiPhone5When it comes to smart phones, the industry seems to be ruled by two major players: Android and iPhone. Whether you’re an Apple die-hard fan or an Android connoisseur, you have to admit that both products have features that boast positives and are dependent on what your daily use for the phone is. When I first entered the world of smart phones last year, I was beyond excited to purchase a functional Samsung Galaxy S. It wasn’t the newest of Androids, but it did what I needed it to do: send emails, text messages and take photos, which I filtered using Instagram – naturally. Nothing was wrong with my Android and honestly, my only complaint was that the Google Play Store lacked a few apps that I wanted and were only exclusive to the iTunes Store – i.e. Vine.

So when I returned home from finishing my second year of college and my mother gifted me an iPhone 5, I wasn’t going to turn down the free phone, but it wasn’t one of those moments where I was beyond giddy. The switch hasn’t been too rough and I found it to be similar to when I switched from my HP laptop to my current MacBook Pro. The phone itself does have a sleeker and more compact design than the Galaxy S4 that I initially requested; I wanted to stay within the realms of Samsung because I was satisfied with my Galaxy S.

So, what did I learn from my switch from an Android to iPhone?

  • They’re both really good smart phones and both do what I need for daily use
  • I expected the iPhone 5 to have a better battery life, but it’s really not that much different; maybe I’m syncing too many apps?
  • The syncing between my iPhone and MacBook Pro is seamless and iCloud is genius
  • This is definitely better than past iPhone models and I honestly wouldn’t even try to use any model before the 5
  • I spent a good amount Googling how to use certain functions on the iPhone, but I did that with the Android when I first got it too

Overall? I liked both devices for different reasons and to be honest, it really depends on what you’re using the device for. I’m pretty indifferent about the switch aside from being able to finally see emoji icons, which would show up as boxes on my Android. If you’re looking for a great smart phone and you’re a college student – it really doesn’t matter which one you get.


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