Mad Confession.

Image: Broadway World

Confession: I didn’t really start watching Mad Men until last week.

If you have been following me on Twitter, you’ll notice my occasional spurts of Mad Men related tweets. I always knew about the existence of the show and have been planning to watch it, but haven’t ever gotten around to it until recently. With the release of season six, I knew if I waited around any longer to start on the series, I would be even more behind. So, I finally sat down and began watching season 1, episode 1. Needless to say, it lived up to the expectations that my advertising classes and department classmates have set.

References from the show have been used during every advertising and public relations class I have ever taken and references to the show have even been made in my textbooks. In a sense, I felt somewhat obligated to begin watching the show. But it isn’t the fashion and the good looking men that fascinates me so much about the series. No, it’s actually how AMC has seamlessly woven the actual hierarchy of an advertising agency and integrated the practices still used today within the industry. From Peggy’s first day of learning about the actual layout of the agency and description of what each department does to the client meeting problems that can and will arise at an agency – Mad Men has is pretty spot on.

Additionally, I’m obsessed with the fashion influence that this show has had on popular ready-to-wear brands like Banana Republic. Actually, Banana Republic even launched a line inspired by the characters on the show. Whenever I have down time during the day, I allot it to catching up on Mad Men. Please, don’t tell me what happened on the season six premier because we both know that I will have no idea what is going on – I’ve still got a few seasons before I’m fully caught up on all the mayhem.


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  1. Agreed! This last week we started and finished watching season One and began on season Two. It has been entertaining. We have thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminds me of my grandfather who used to be just like these men. The chain smoking, the drinking all of it. As a salesman in the fifties I’m sure he had a ball. I do think that if I had to pick a character from what I’ve seen so far to be, I would have to choose cooper. A zen like dude who seems to have gone through his years gathering wisdom. Or perhaps he was like the rest but grew out of it. Great post. Enjoy the day.

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