The Fibers of the City.

About a week ago, I sat down and began compiling the list of interesting technology articles for my daily media monitoring at the office. During the process, I stumbled across an article that highlighted that the rumors about Google meeting with the City of Austin to discuss plans for a “new project” were in the works. Immediately, Google Fiber came to mind and I became a giddy little girl. Even though a part of me knew there was a great chance that Google was simple suggesting a same-day delivery program to business leaders in Austin. However, there was a good chunk of me that was hoping for Google Fiber.

Today Google confirmed that it will begin installing Austin homes with the Gigabit Internet service, which offers 1 Gbps broadband Internet service and is expected to be completed by the middle of 2014. So basically, in case you didn’t believe that Austin was becoming a tech-oriented city, this is proof that it’s definitely moving towards being the Silicon Valley of the south. In other words, it’s a fantastic time for me to be studying in this city.


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