Why I uninstalled the Facebook App

Image: Hot Hardware

It has become almost common knowledge that Facebook’s Achilles heel is its mobile apps. I admit, some may classify me as one of those “Facebook addicts” that has to constantly check their Facebook feed for updates, like every status, and browse their feed like it’s an online newspaper. I’m usually really good with updating my Facebook app. Actually, I even set my settings to automatically update my Facebook app when a new update becomes available. However, this most recent update has caused me to completely delete the app off my Samsung Galaxy S.

Maybe it’s because my Android phone is of the “older” variety or maybe it’s because Facebook’s new app doubled in size; I think it might be a combination of both factors. After installing the new update, I noticed that it did have new updates that made sharing easier, which I was initially excited about. Then, I realized, my battery life started to deteriorate at a faster rate than usual. I would leave my phone sitting on my desk and return to it after a short period of time with a 5% battery life – even though I just charged my battery. At first, I thought the cause of the rapid decrease in battery life was due to my outdated battery and considered ordering a new battery for my phone. Then, I checked where my battery life was going under my phone’s settings. Needless to say, I was quite unhappy to see that Facebook was using 80% of my battery life.

Facebook’s previous update took up about 6 mb of my phone, which is fine. This latest update? 14 mb – more than twice the size. So, until Facebook works on their basic mobile app, I won’t be switching to its newest release of the Facebook Home software, which is set to be released on the Google Play Store for Android phone on April 12.


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