Just Hanging on a #Vine


Over the weekend I sat down with my good friend Bobby, who is an avid connoisseur of all things social media and a successful journalist in the making. We caught up on our lives, our academic stresses, and of course, our favorite topic: digital media and its influences on our industries. Naturally, the topic of Vine came up in the conversation and we started dissecting the benefits and flaws of the mobile application.

In Jan. 2013, Twitter introduced the Vine, which is a mobile application that features a six-second video clip. Being (currently) an Android user, my experiences with Vine have been limited to brief experiments via a friend’s iPhone. But what does the app mean for those who want to use it for personal branding or even branding in general?

During this year’s SXSW, Vine’s potential was unleashed via Taco Bell’s “rockumentary.” Participants in Taco Bell’s contest were given the task of creating their own Vine video, posting it on Twitter and using #feedthebeat. Whether you’re a fan of Taco Bell’s food or not, one must admit that this was a pretty damn good idea. But what does this mean from a PR/communication/marketing standpoint? Like any other new digital media platform, it all depends on the brand that’s using it. Could I see a suits-only big four company using the app for its stakeholders? No. Could I see a start-up tech company with a fun personality using it? Heck yes.

Overall, I think Vine has potential, but only time will tell whether this app will last only as long as its videos or if it’ll last for several years to come. Either way, it’s an app worth exploring regardless of whether you’re a digital media guru, a college student who thinks it’s cool, or a marketing executive trying to plan a new campaign.


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