The beginning of a new chapter.

When I signed into Facebook this evening, I was asked in the status bar, “What is your New Year’s resolution?” Well Facebook, I don’t think I can answer that with just a simple status update because like many of my peers, I have more resolutions than I can probably count on my ten fingers.

The year 2012 was a year of highs and lows, but mostly highs for me. I finished my first year of undergrad and survived living in a dorm that some may cringe at the sound of the name. I learned that college and high school are two different entities and who I was in high school is not who I became in college. I learned a lot about myself, what made me happy, what made me tick, and how to cope with the various emotional roller coasters. The best possible way to sum up my 2012 would have to definitely be via a list.

In 2012, I

  • Fell in love with my college and realized I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else for four years
  • Became more confident
  • Learned that dating in college is not the same as dating in high school
  • Realized that a kiss isn’t always meaningful
  • Got my heart put through hell and back
  • Cried in public for the first time
  • Got in my first car accident
  • Experienced my first college paid internship
  • Worked with the smartest engineers I have ever met on a project I initially didn’t understand
  • Was given the opportunity to be an orientation advisor and got to know a group of great people and help incoming students who have so much potential
  • Networked like crazy at professional events and career fairs
  • Acquired a fascination with wine
  • Blogged more than I have ever blogged in my life
  • Moved into my first apartment
  • Somehow managed a handful of A’s while interning during the week
  • Engrained the basic AP Style rules into my head
  • Finally learned how to write a proper press/news release
  • Went to a hackathon and approached people reporter style
  • Had a handful of first dates
  • Was offered internship positions at places I didn’t think I’d ever had a chance with
  • Screwed up my first major phone interview
  • Developed a logo, portfolio, and nearly perfect creative resume from scratch
  • Actually had stuff to put into my portfolio
  • Learned a few programs (ish) along the way: Final Cut, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cision
  • Experienced what it was like to have a family member in the hospital
  • Realized I never want to grow up
  • Questioned my major
  • Realized I loved my major
  • Drank more coffee than what is considered healthy
  • Cooked more on a daily basis than what I was used to
  • Had little to know sleep on a weekly basis
  • Slept more than necessary and wasted entire days
  • Met wonderful people
  • Made my close friends even closer
  • Appreciated my family more than ever
  • Learned the importance of budgeting and being basically financially independent
  • Survived the Apocalypse
  • Worked on my relationship with God and why I chose to be a Catholic
  • Laughed until I cried with people I care about
  • Came to the conclusion that 2012, was overall, a pretty damn good year

In 2013, I

  • Hope to survive my upper-division classes with decent grades while interning
  • Will build a strong foundation from working with a boutique marketing and communications agency
  • Put my love life on the back burner and concentrate on my academics and the future of my career
  • Focus on the present, prepare for the future, and avoid dwelling on the past because it’s already happened, and what’s done is done.
  • Actually learn how to express my feelings in a public setting
  • Continue to network and learn from seasoned professionals in the industry
  • Hopefully receive an offer from a tech company somewhere in the Bay area or Seattle for the summer (fingers triple crossed for this goal)
  • Run at least once a week – baby steps, y’all.
  • Don’t study the night before or pull all-nighters
  • Occasionally replace coffee with tea
  • Call my parents more often when I’m not at home
  • Prioritize my life
  • Learn how to program in at least one language (coding)
  • Bake something at least once a month, document it
  • Be healthy
  • Be happy
  • Stop stressing over the little things
  • Enjoy life, and stop being so rigid

Here’s to 2013 and hoping all my resolutions and goals are made into reality.


One comment

  1. Car accidents (glad you’re okay!), Catholic, and PR-related stuff aside.. We’re the same person. And I have every faith that you will achieve and excel at all of these resolutions!

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