Chapter two.

In August, I moved into my first apartment. Now, it’s December and I have two weeks of classes left and one final. Sophomore year is definitely flying by faster than I initially expected it would. Yet again, I have learned more about myself than I ever have before. The closing of the semester calls for more festivities of the social variety. Tonight, a dear friend of mine is hosting a holiday potluck and instead of attempting to cram in a few more pieces of information for my government test, I chose to write this blog post, and document my outfit for the evening.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 7.16 PM #2

Urban Outfitters sweater, Forever 21 skirt

Fossil Watch, necklace via Macy’s

Ignore the fact that I’m a bit socially awkward. I’m really quite terrible at these outfit shots. The close up was for the purposes of a better view of the watch and necklace; oh, and my epic red lipstick too. I hope every is surviving finals/end of classes season.



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