Inspiration for the Fashion Failure: Midterm Woes Edition.

My mornings have become revolved around a ritual. I pry myself out of bed after pressing the snooze button on my alarm at least three times, groan for a few seconds, check the weather, and browse through Pinterest and fashion blogs for inspiration on what to wear. Confession: I’ve become somewhat lazy when it comes to documenting my 30 for 3 Remix outfits. My hats off to the fashion bloggers out there who can wake up each morning and remember to document their outfits via their professional cameras – the world knows I’m terrible at remembering to do the same.

Instead of describing some grand interesting array of outfits like the fashion bloggers out there do, this edition will revolve around the inspiration behind my outfits, and document possibly the only outfit I have actually taken a picture of in the past week. I swear I have a reasonable excuse for my laziness; it’s midterm season and the overachiever in me refuses to let my obsession with steering away from T-shirts and running shorts hold a higher place than the destruction of pride I will receive if given a poor grade on a midterm.

Nevertheless, I present to you, the top online sources I venture for my daily outfit inspiration:

  1. Pinterest: the concept seems so simple, see a “pin” you think is aesthetically appealing and pin it to a “board” for future inspiration, or as I like to call it “pinspiration.” Laugh at my made-up words, I sure did. Each morning I find myself scrolling through pins to add to my “wear.” board, which is filled with outfit ideas that I will try to recreate with the pieces I currently own.
  2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls: this is by far one of my most favorite daily reads. I guess one can’t call her blog a read, since it’s mainly photographic evidence of her fabulous outfits. Although I cannot afford the majority of the pieces Sarah Vickers sports in all her posts, I can sure as hell try to recreate them.
  3. Cupcakes and Cashmere: if you were following my blog before this project started, you will understand why I adore this blog so much. Emily Schuman combines two of my favorite topics: stylish outfits and savory foods. Her outfits venture outside of the box and provide me with the necessary push I need to succeed in forcing myself to wear something that sets me apart from the sea of running shorts and baggy T-shirts on campus.
  4. Kendi Everday: last, but definitely not least, Kendi – the woman who inspired me to even start this 30 piece challenge. Although I am not at her level of wardrobe remixing just yet, I enjoy scrolling through her outfits. Kendi’s daily outfits are reasonable and revolve around basic pieces that the average modern woman owns in their own closets – the comfy pair of skinny jeans, the classic button up, the cozy sweater, and so on.

Although my outfit documentations are limited, I hope the inspiration from these fashionable women finds you well. I browse through their blogs for daily inspiration, motivation, and to take note of how they brand themselves in the sea of fashion bloggers.

TJ Maxx blouse, J.Crew shorts, sandals via Dilliard’s. (Photo: Vi Tran)

My dear readers, I regret to inform you that this is the only outfit I managed to document this week. I am indeed a failure at documentation, but I swear I have only sported pieces from my 30 and avoided the typical “collegiate” wear. Pardon my laziness, let’s hope my next post will result in a wide variety of outfits to show proof that my project isn’t a complete failure.


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