Wear What One Owns.

At some point or another, we have all found ourselves standing in front of our closet wondering, “I have a closet full of clothes, but why don’t I have anything to wear?” I don’t know about you, but as a financially disabled college student, taking an adventure to the mall is not usually the answer to this dilemma. So, for the next three weeks, I am transforming my blog from a place to vent about my adventures as a public relations major in the engineering industry, to my journey to use the items in my closet to their full potential.

So what is this “30 for 3 remix” nonsense you ask? It simply means I will choose thirty items from my closet and form fifteen, hopefully stylish, outfits. Why fifteen outfits? There are five work/school days during the week, and this project is a three week long process, so a total of fifteen outfits. The point of this project is to embrace the versatility of the pieces in my closet. The best part of this project will be working with what I have, rather than browsing through countless racks at the mall or online sales for items I can barely afford. By knowing what I already own, I will become a better shopper and steer away from impulsive purchases. I discovered this idea through a blog I read on a daily basis, Kendi Everyday. Kendi is a blogger from McKinney, Texas – a suburb of Dallas – who chose thirty pieces in her wardrobe and remixed outfits for thirty days.

The first step of the process will be assessing what I currently have in my closet, and documenting contenders for the thirty pieces. I will then organize them into: tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. I will choose the pieces according to their versatility. Because I live in Texas, where weather can change from hot to cold within seconds, I will have pieces that can be layered.

2 cardigans, 4 skirts, 3 button-ups, 3 blouses, 1 dress, 1 blazer (V.Tran)

2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 4 pairs of shoes (V.Tran)

I’m not going to lie, it was fairly difficult choosing the pieces. I had to take into consideration if all these outfits were also office appropriate, considering I intern in the morning and I’m pretty sure my boss would not be keen on the idea of me waltzing around the sea of engineers in short shorts. On top of the pieces shown above, my last five pieces are accessories: a watch, earrings, a ring, and two headbands.

Day 1 – 3 Outfits:

Banana Republic blazer, Ralph Lauren button-up, American Eagle jeans, boots via Amazon (V.Tran)

blouse via TJ Maxx, J.Crew belt, American Eagle jeans, Fossil watch, Ann Taylor Loft flats (V.Tran)

Banana Republic cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft tank, J.Crew skirt, Ann Taylor Loft flats, classic pearls (V.Tran)

For those of you who read my blog often, this feature is an assignment for my “Writing for Public Relations” class and will last three weeks, with one post per week. I will update this post every Wednesday with my outfits up until that day.


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