Stress & Happiness.

I cannot put into words the amount of stress I have experienced within the past few weeks, but I also cannot find a word to describe just how much happiness there is in my life right now. Aside from running around like a chicken with its head cut off all the time, life has been so good to me, and there have been so many great opportunities that have been thrown my way. I will probably update my blog less, but I promise you, it’s for a good reason. I actually enjoy everything I’m learning in my courses and my internship. Even with the bomb threat on campus this past Friday, I feel like life can only get better from here. Tomorrow, I leave my teenage self behind and enter the “early 20s” category. I won’t be a teenager anymore, but I can hardly classify myself as a fully-grown adult just yet.

There are a few items to share, from the past few weeks – specifically from my internship. In case anyone forgot, I’m the PR major that somehow managed to find herself in a sea of engineers at a research and engineering company.

1. When an engineer writes an article and asks you to copyedit, expect to spend a lot of time revising and possibly rewriting A LOT
2. In class, almost everyone is a right-brain person; at the workplace people celebrate correct calculations
3. It is absolutely okay to laugh at the Director’s jokes, no matter how nerdy and cheesy they are
4. Google is your friend when you don’t understand a term, but it is okay to ask your coworkers too
5. Learn from everyone at the office, even the other intern, who might be a grad student with a different major


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