And here’s to the end.

Lately I have been obsessed with eating turkey  burgers over the regular beef burger. I was told the burger was leaner and the majority of places that have the burger do a fairly good job of making it delicious. I headed to Kona Grill at the Domain today and ordered myself a turkey burger and fries. Kona is one of my favorite restaurants,  but I had never been to the one in Austin, so I figured I would give it a try to see if it was good at other locations. For about $12, I got a large burger and fries. Although it’s a bit overpriced compared to the typical P.Terry’s or other fast food burger, it was good and worth the money. I am full, without the heavy feeling you get after consuming fast food.

Tonight I will be heading to Thai Spice for dinner with the academic advisor in charge of the College of Communication orientation program, along with my fellow communication pre-advisors. The burger from Kona will definitely hold me over, so I will probably end up only ordering a plate of sushi, which I have been craving for some time now.

The other night I headed to the AT&T center near campus for a banquet with the orientation advisors. Needless to say, everyone cleaned up very nicely, my committee – Multimedia & Publicity – especially. The hotel is definitely one of the nicer ones near campus that provides detailing that boasts Texas Fight. Unfortunately, the food was only decent. The tortillas used for the fajitas were thin and bland, the meat was a bit on the chewy side, and there just wasn’t anything special about the food overall. The dessert was a bit better – especially the pecan pie.

I wore a simple coral high-low dress from Forever 21, BCBG heels, with a J.Crew belt and Macy’s necklace. I have always wanted to experiment with a high-low dress and the color coral, so this seemed like the perfect dress to do it with. I love how soft this dress is and how simple it is. Plus, it was only about $16 after tax, which made purchasing a banquet dress doable on the wallet. Whoever says you can’t make a simple and inexpensive dress fancy has not met yours truly.


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