Maybe it’s because I’m actually Vietnamese or maybe I’m right, but I was definitely not fully satisfied with the dinner I had last night. I headed to Ya Ya on Guadalupe/37th St here in Austin to satisfy a pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) craving because I heard good reviews from my peers. Unfortunately, it was overpriced, and not the best pho I have ever had. For $6.95 + tax, which equals out to about $7.52, you are given a small bowl of meatball pho. As a person who ventures a lot of pho places, I can tell you that I have had better for a cheaper price.

What I did like about the restaurant was that it was clean and modern in design. A customer does not have to worry about any vermin crawling through cracks. It’s a fairly new-looking restaurant that is also conveniently located next to a Starbucks. Any college student can tell you that anything next to coffee is a good location.

Will I be returning for another meal any time soon? Probably not. Would I eat it if I had to? Yes. If you’re on a student budget and are craving some Vietnamese comfort food, head somewhere else, don’t come here. Actually, go hunt down a Vietnamese mother and have her make you a bowl filled with love 🙂


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