Pretty in Pink.

TJ Maxx skirt and top. Sperry Topsider shoes.

Headed to TJ Maxx this morning and purchased this cute outfit. The Sperry Topsider shoes were purchased yesterday by mother from Macy’s, but the skirt and top are from today. I’ve been meaning to purchase a bright skirt of some sort, so when I saw this beauty hanging in my size, I had to have it. When something is cute and I’ve been meaning to have it and there’s only ONE left and it just happens to be in my size, I believe it’s a sign I need to purchase it – especially when it was relatively inexpensive. It’s a very J.Crew outfit, without the J.Crew price.

I then headed home to make these beauties. They started off being strawberry cupcakes, but then I realized they were too small to ice…so I stacked them to make a little cake. So I present to you, what is left of my (apparently) delicious strawberry “cupcakes” with pink lemonade frosting. I want to devour all of them, and my family does too. SUCCESS!



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