Shameless Plug.

Lookwib – The site is not yet in full access and one can only sign up for pre-access, but I think this start-up has great potential. Imagine if Amazon and Facebook had a baby, it would be Lookwib. I may be a bit biased because I’m one of their newest Social Media Marketing interns, but hey, shameless plug right? If you do sign up, please contact me, so I can put you down as a pre-access member that found out via yours truly. But seriously, it has great potential; I only apply effort towards projects I believe will have success.

Karlstad Cover Sofa Bed – I’m moving off campus into an apartment this fall, so lately I’ve been browsing furniture and home decor. Ikea is definitely my go-to destination for chic and affordable furniture. I found this bed for approximately $150 + tax and am highly considering purchasing it before I move into my apartment in August.

Kate Spade Wickford Collection – More home decor items that I am highly considering purchasing for the apartment. Of course I would include a Kate Spade item. I adore the company so much because of how simple and fun it is; plus, the founder is a strong business woman and I admire her and hope to embody similar principles one day.

Call Your Girlfriend Cover – These girls are beyond adorable and have phenomenal voices that seem to harmonize perfectly. At only 12 and 8, Lennon and Maisy probably have more talent than the majority of artists out there. Someone, please discover and sign them. We need more good, clean, fun artists in the industry.

Thunderbird Coffee, Austin – This is by far my most favorite coffee shop near campus. Thunderbird Coffee has great food, coffee, and atmosphere. I’ve been to two different locations and the baristas in both have been welcoming and can always help you decide on what brew to have for your current mood.

Above design made by CS 6 Adobe Illustrator.


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