Too Good.

It is a given that as a poor college student, I am constantly looking for a good deal. Yesterday I ventured to a food truck that had tacos to die for. I’m a huge fan of the Hyde Park area, so naturally the food trucks there would be on my list of places to eat.

I can honestly say these are by far some of the best tacos I’ve had in a long time and the salsa that goes with every purchase is worthy of calling spicy. Not to mention a single taco starts around $2.50 and is definitely filling. But if you’re willing to spend a little bit more (just another $1.25 to be precise), head to Juan in a Million and have a Don Juan.

This massive burrito is only $3.75 +tax and will put you in a food coma. If you’re daring, do the Don Juan Challenge and consume at least 8 of these platters. I couldn’t even finish my plate and had to bring it back to the dorm room fridge in a to-go bag.

I’ve decided that all the weight I will potentially lose from walking around the large campus this summer will be off-set by the immense amount of food I consume from local Austin eateries.


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