Shorts, or PJs?

J.Crew broken-in Chino shorts

I present to you the world’s comfiest pair of shorts that I have recently invested in. During the summer I am required to wear shorts that are finger-tip length, so I figured if I was going to purchase shorts, they have to be 1) comfy and 2) wearable even after working my summer job. I ended up purchasing three pairs of these shorts; one in white, khaki, and grey. I wore the white ones the other day to test them out, so they’re currently sitting in the hamper. I can guarantee everyone that is looking to purchase a new pair of shorts that these feel amazing .

I purchased mine from the J.Crew outlet in Allen, TX for a decent price. They were on sale for $24.99, and then I used my student discount for an additional 15% off. They’re not the world’s cheapest shorts, but they’re definitely worth the investment and definitely cheaper than the majority of J.Crew’s products.


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