Pseudo Chef.

I’m on a cooking and baking adventure this week. Yes, I just decided that I would be on this adventure…about five minutes ago. Yesterday I managed to bake my first batch of cupcakes from scratch and this morning I woke up and decided to cook with the ingredients I found in the fridge. Thus, the seared salmon brunch was born!

Yes, I did Instagram this. I’m a bit obsessed with the app, don’t judge me; I’m sure a lot of college students are obsessed with it too. The salmon was marinated in salt, pepper, ground sage, dried tea leaves, and lime juice and cooked in a frying pan. It is served with Jasmine rice and broiled Chinese squash – or at least I think that’s what it’s called in English. I will be spending the rest of my day unpacking and sorting my stuff, and then grabbing coffee with an old high school friend that I haven’t seen since she left for Ole Miss, and then moved to San Francisco. When a friend is in town for only a couple of days, it’s a good reason to see them; at least, that’s my view on it.


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