Easily Distracted.

Good evening my dear readers. I am currently sitting at three days away from finishing up my exams and then I’ll be heading back home for a whole week! Even though my time spent in Dallas is on the brief side, I can’t help but plan out my schedule for the week; partially because I’m trying to avoid continuing to memorize facts about US History and drawing supply and demand graphs for microeconomics.

I spoke to my mother this morning to wish her a happy birthday – the first birthday she’ll have without me at home, and I miss her very dearly right now. My mother, like me, is quite excited when a special occasion arrives because it means an excuse to dress oneself in something fancy. She is awaiting my return home and plotting out the kind of dress she wants to wear to my brother’s confirmation the Sunday before I head back to Austin. If we’re going to sit through a 3 hour confirmation mass, then we might as well look absolutely fabulous. I began browsing through affordable boutiques in Dallas to find something, just in case my mother feels the sudden rush of adventure to steer away from the typical department stores. I managed to stumble across Milk+Honey – a cute little boutique on Henderson Avenue, conveniently only a 15-20 minute drive straight down US 75.

Image courtesy of One Sheepish Girl Blog – not my own.

According to the reviews in D Magazine, prices for all the items in the store are under $100, but have the look of luxury that high-end stores like Barney’s has. I read the reviews and browsed through the prices and decided it would be a great place to venture during my time in Dallas. If anyone has visited this boutique, PLEASE, tell me if it is as good as the reviews say.


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