Be Young.

Everyone that knows me well can tell you that I have an obsession with headbands. My collection exceeds 20 headbands currently sitting in a dorm room drawer, and that’s not even all of them. Most are daily wear headbands, while others have bows. I guess the reason why I wear them is because it is the one piece of my youth that can’t be completely taken away. I mean, if you’re wearing J.Crew, even though it’s in a bow headband form, you must be somewhat mature, right?

J.Crew headband circa 2010

Regardless of how much I grow older, I still feel like a kid at heart. I may tell myself that I am ready to grow up and that I am slowly becoming more and more prepared for the cut-throat industry, but secretly, I am terrified out of my mind. The future scares me and hearing about all the job offers or lack of job offers from graduating seniors within my degree increases that fear even higher. What if I don’t get a job? What if these four years will be a waste? I guess since I’m only a freshmore , I shouldn’t be worrying about that too much, but I am. People question why I attend career fairs when the majority of employers only want college juniors or seniors, I respond with a “Why not?”

Which brings me to another point: why shouldn’t I start young? Why should I let my fear of rejection from the industry stop me from fighting for my place in it? I would love to become one of those successful people that says “yes, I went to all the upperclassmen networking events, so that each year, those representatives from the agencies I hope to work for one day, will remember me. And then, by the time that I am actually qualified to apply, I’ll have offers. Or at least, that’s the plan – but I could be completely wrong. For now, I must shut up, read my advertising book, and hope for the best.

Ralph Lauren button-up, Banana Republic shorts, Lilly Pulitzer ring, Lucky Brand watch

Ignore the fact that I forgot to roll up the bottom leg of my shorts. We all make mistakes; I’m only human. Besides, I like to blame it on the medicine I’m taking, which has the warning of “may cause drowsiness.” No sleep + little coffee = a less detail-oriented Vi.


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