Loft tank, Banana Republic cardigan & shorts

I honestly cannot believe my first year of college is slowly coming to an end. I have met a lot of amazing people and learned more in one year about myself, life, and my major and future than I ever have. I’ve changed a lot as a person, and in some sense,  for the better. Yesterday, while in the midst of trying to think of blog posts, I found myself editing the theme of the blog and playing around in photoshop for a new banner. I hope this new theme makes everything simpler and easier to access. This has been a great first year of college can I would not change it for the world. The most important lessons I have learned thus far are as follows:

  1. Organization is the key to any success – my iCal and planner have become my life
  2. Always be open to meeting new people & trying new things – you’re never going to get anywhere if you simply stay in your dorm room all day
  3. Learn to forgive and move on – these four years are too short to hold on to grudges, especially the ones from high school
  4. An interesting class sometimes means a hard class – some of the most valuable classes I’ve had this year have been some of the hardest classes I’ve faced
  5. Coming in with hours from AP/dual credit are amazing – major specific courses are so much more interesting than core classes
  6. The love life is at the bottom of the priority list, whether you want it to be or not
  7. If your advisor says a lot of people fail out of that class, don’t take it – don’t be stubborn
  8. The resources on campus are there to benefit YOU
  9. Get involved, but don’t stress yourself out
  10. A one hour class means at least five hours of studying

Here’s to the final weeks of my first year and hope for an even better second year.


One comment

  1. Congratulations Vi, you’ve come so far!

    Who would have known that we’d end up being this close after our encounter years ago. I suppose that relates back to your second rule. You’re the type of person who inspires those around you to succeed, and that’s why I love, love, love having you in my life, and why I love reading your blog.

    I hope your freshman year has been everything you hoped for!

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