Shopping & Stationary.

The other day my lovely friend asked me what kind of stationary she should use for a follow up thank you note for a professor. I responded with an epic paragraph describing the ones I owned, where to get affordable ones, and my favorite ones thus far. From that paragraph, I thought to myself, why not tell the blogging world about my obsession towards cute stationary for thank you notes.

It’s the person. 
The stationary used towards thank you notes varies depending on the person. When I write thank you notes to male professionals, I try to avoid my usual girly Kate Spade or Vera Bradley stationary and stick to a plain stationary with just a slight dash sparkle (not literally).

My Favorites. 
The most affordable stationary I have ever purchased was at TJ Maxx. By now the majority of y’all know that I am a self-proclaimed Maxxinista, so it is no surprise that I love their array of affordable stationary. There is no consistent style or brand and it varies by store, but the price usually doesn’t exceed $10 for at least 20 cards. When I feel like I have a little extra to spend, I like to invest in Kate Spade stationary. It’s simple, cute, and still on the professional end. The design I have purchased so far can be used for male or female recipients.

I love how simple the stationary is, while still expressing my love for all things cute. Another place I like to venture is Paper Source. Sometimes, you can usually find pretty affordable stationary there for at least 20 cards per set. I have managed to completely run out of my Paper Source stationary, and have recently purchased very flowery ones from Vera Bradley. The Vera Bradley stationary is a bit pricier, but not as much as the Kate Spade ones. However, I only purchased this set because I had a $20 off when you spend $20 coupon, so my purchase ended up being completely free.


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