The LBD.

The little black dress: the ultimate staple to any girls wardrobe and mine is no different. I have worn this dress to every event you could possible imagine. Around noon today, I sported this dress with my lucky pearls and ventured to the Career Fair hosted by my college’s career services.

Rampage LBD, Macy's Pearls

I guess since I mentioned the career fair, I must present a few things I’ve learned within my very few years of experience in networking.

I’m sure by now all of y’all have seen that meme that has a man shouting at the world, imagine that, but with the above statement. If business cards were currency, then I’d be a very wealthy college student – unfortunately, I’m just a broke college student. Nevertheless, a business card is a great item to receive from a professional. Business cards usually list an e-mail address, phone number, and the address of the office. Which means: you can send the contact an e-mail, mail them a hand written thank you note, or if you’re lucky, visit the office and shadow your contact one day.

When meeting a professional, don’t carry your resume in the binder you used for your previous class. Mine is just a basic black one with the University’s seal on the front. It’s sleek and professional, and I use it whenever I have a networking or career based event.

Hopefully in a few years, when I graduate, all of this networking and stress will be worth it, but for now I will network with everyone. And, I secretly enjoy it because I have met some of the most amazing people ever. So for those who believe that public relations is a dying industry, I don’t believe you – it is not. If anything, it is constantly growing, you just have to find it and have the drive to find the perfect place to work.


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