Life of a College Student.

The other day I experienced a slightly sad moment…my Lancome Dual Finish Neutrale foundation was gone. Actually, there was a bit left on the rim and then I attempted to be frugal and scrape the last bit…and then it broke…all over my desk. So today I ventured to Ulta and finally purchased Bare Minerals Original Foundation. I’ve been meaning to try the product out and it was a lot cheaper than my Lancome foundation, so I reasoned myself into making the purchase. The only downside? I had to purchase a foundation powder brush because Bare Minerals generally has foundation that comes in the loose form instead of the solid, which is what my Lancome Dual Finish was.

The other day I checked my mailbox and received a $20 coupon from Vera Bradley and the only thing I had to do to use it was spend $20. So I headed to the Vera Bradley store and snatched up a journal and thank you cards for a grand total of $1.08 – basically tax. Can you say, win?

And to end my frugal adventure, I headed to Wal Mart and purchased a set of bobby pins for $0.54. I always lose my bobby pins, so this was a necessary buy; I’ve managed to lose my last pack in its entirety.


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