A Different View.

Since the first day of classes this school year, I have prided myself in sitting towards the front of the classroom in hopes of staying awake and being completely active in class participation. However, I’m just not feeling it today and for the first time since my college career has started, I’m sitting on the last row in the back of a 100+ person lecture. In my defense, I’m somewhat curious as to how my learning will change b moving several rows back. I’m seated higher up than the front rows, so I can still the professor just fine. I do, however, believe that after this morning’s experiment, I will most likely revert back to sitting near the front. But, it’s good to experience class through a different view, isn’t it?

So I came back to my room to find that I had a package waiting for me. Mom decided to get me boots as a gift for the semester/Valentine’s Day/because my other riding boots had an unfixable zipper. Here are the boots 🙂 I’m pretty excited. However, the little heel on it makes a clacking noise – you know, the sound stilettos make? Overall, they’re suitable.

urban outfitter jeans, annie boots, ralph lauren sweater, lucky brand watch, tommy hilfiger band



  1. Vi, I’m shocked at your audacious behavior. Sitting a couple rows back….my god. You might as well go do drugs.

    On a serious note, cute boots! I also bought you a surprise yesterday. Come home soon so I can give it to you!

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