I’m not fashionable.

I don’t consider myself a fashionable person. I try to dress nice daily, but sometimes…it really doesn’t go my way and I actually end up looking more like a fashion victim than a fashionista. I do, however, feel that it is important to at least attempt to look like I tried. It is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all, right? The documentations of my outfit are not for any narcissistic reasons, but rather because if I don’t at least blog about it, I’d probably just show up to class in running shorts and a t-shirt.

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Banana Republic top, American Eagle jeans, J.Crew belt, Sperry Topsider boat shoes, Lucky Brand watch, Tommy Hilfiger bracelet/band, Macy's tiered necklace

I am loving the angle of this picture, simply because it makes me look thinner than I actually am. And as a college student in constant fear of the freshman 15, this is pretty exciting.


So central Texas weather decides to increase in temperature to 75 degrees. So I had to change…

J.Crew shirt, Banana Republic shorts, Macy's necklace, Lucky Brand watch, Tommy Hilfiger band/bracelet



  1. I feel the same as you. I don’t consider myself to be fashionable, but I like to look good. I post outfit pics too but it’s more of way to journal my looks for days when I don’t know what to wear I can turn to my blog and get an idea.

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