It’s just one of those days.

Where’s the sun? Seriously, central Texas, why are your skies so gloomy today? I have conjured the theory that today is gloomy because the sky reflects the hatred towards the microeconomics midterm I just took this morning. I hate that feeling post exams when I feel like I did well, but I refuse to say anything and continuously knock on wood. I mean, I just don’t want to jinx it. Now that I am done with economics, I can move on to spending my entire weekend consumed by my advertising class.

tommy hilfiger band and lucky brand watch

I definitely look happier than I actually am. It’s going to be one long weekend of cramming for Monday’s advertising exam. Social life? What’s that? Seriously. Oh, as far as my outfit, the lighting is awful in the dorm room; this was the best I could capture:

target scarf, banana republic top, american eagle jeans, TOMS


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