I am, first and foremost a student. A student that is attending a university in central Texas where the weather on the first day of February is 75 degrees and sunny. Okay Texas weather, you officially suck. If you ask anyone I know, they can tell you that I am a huge fan of cold weather. Not only because cold weather is simply better than sweating on my way to class, but also because everyone is generally more fashionable. To top it off, most of my clothes are cool weather, so I’m a little on the screwed side right now and have resorted to Nike shorts and a t-shirt. So, no outfit post because 1) it’s too hot to be fashionable and 2) because I need to study my brains out for the next few weeks.

Yes guys, this is how my morning has gone so far: attend Microeconomics and British Literature discussion section, return to dorm room, write a letter on pretty Kate Spade stationary to my friend attending Mizzou, paint my nails a hot pink using FACE Stockholm purchased via J.Crew, and read a chapter in my American History book.

My life is so exciting.



  1. Love that hot pink color and J.Crew always a must. Hope you get some winter weather soon, highly doubtful—but wishful thinking.

  2. I too am a cold-weather fan. XD Definitely easier to dress nicely when there are materials and layer opportunities. Love the pic – combination of textbook, cute stationery, and polish = triple score!

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