I lied.

So I lied. Maybe a hiatus until spring break was a bit exaggerated. I guess my point was that I wasn’t going to post as often (daily) like I did during winter break. However, I felt the need to show off the outfit I’m sporting today. Not because it’s a really good one or anything, but because I actually attempted to look presentable today. Initially, I was going to roll out of bed, not change out of my yoga pants and t-shirt and simply throw on a pair of boots and head to class. After all, my first class lasts about an hour and is conveniently located in a building that is a 2 minute walk from my dorm. Why should I even try to appear presentable when every factor leads to being lazy? But instead, I woke up and threw this outfit together and by golly, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it.

Old Navy gingham shirt, Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater, American Eagle skinny jeans, American Eagle boots and a J.Crew headband that isn't shown


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