Books and Soup.

By now I’m sure everyone that owns a computer of some sort and has an internet connection has realized that the majority of the world does not support SOPA. As I signed into WordPress to post a long await blog post, this showed up on my screen. Usually this section of the WordPress homepage would allow me to see “freshly pressed” blog entries from WordPress users. However, I was instead greeted with this. Although standing up for a cause usually results in an exaggerated response, this could become a reality. In my opinion, anything can be taken the wrong way, regardless of the intended message; in other words, anything can be censored. To some extend this could happen.

Anyways, it has been several days since my last post. Why you ask? Because I’m a college student. Actually, I’m the idiot college student that decided to take British Literature, a weed-out Advertising class, American History from 1865 and a Microeconomics class all in one semester. Within the past two days of classes, I have learned that I will be reading a lot this semester and I can kiss my social life goodbye. I imagined my second day of classes to be filled with syllabi and zero assignments. Instead, I am currently sitting in the library reading The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer and still have a pile of books to read.

It’s going to be one hell of a semester to say the least.


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