Life in a college town.

Good morning beloved readers! I can’t believe I’m even up this early, but I desperately need to force myself to wake up around this time again. After all, my earliest class this semester is 9:30 and yes, it will probably take me at least half an hour to get ready and then another half to scramble to find food and then rush to class. It feels absolutely amazing to be back on campus and see the amazing friends I missed so dearly during winter break.

I can honestly say I will not starve this semester because mother has provided me with food to last me until I return to Dallas for spring break in March. Shout out to my talented roommate Elisabeth for putting up with the immense amount of my mother’s food in our tiny dorm room refrigerator. Anyways, I decided to make a list of goals for myself for this semester, which I’m sure most students do before classes begin.

Study alone when necessary. I think the problem with me last semester was that often times, I opted to study with peers and that resulted in being distracted. This semester I plan on studying on my own first and then reviewing with peers that also have the same class.

Going out shouldn’t always mean the college definition of going out. Okay guys, we’re in college, the idea of “going out” has transformed from going to the movies or dinner with friends to well, you know – it’s a college town. New goal: only go out (as in movies or dinner) when necessary and avoid the college definition of going out at all cost.

Monitor spending. I seriously need to keep track of my spending this semester and avoid spending my money on frivolous objects. After all, I worked the entire winter break to earn this “emergency spending money” and I shouldn’t waste it on unnecessary items.

By the way, Happy MLK y’all 🙂


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