So…don’t freak out.

But I’m obsessed with this video:

As a public relations student I can honestly say I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I guess I LoL’d so hard because I already say some of these things. So in a sense, I guess I’m ready for the this industry, or at least, I’m aware of the language used in it. I’m serious guys, I’ve been replaying this video almost non-stop.

Anyway, tonight is my last night in Dallas; I head back to Austin tomorrow morning. I’m definitely going to miss my family, homemade food, a warm bed and knowing my way around the city. But I am beyond excited to be back in Austin and to start my new semester. My advertising professor just posted the new syllabus for the semester and I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I only have to make at least a B in this class to advance in my major, no big deal – I can do this…I hope. Wish me luck!


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