And I’m a Texan.

Aside from the first four years of my life that I spent in Saigon, VN, I lived in Texas. As any Texan knows, Whataburger is absolutely delicious. I don’t know how why I love it so much, but I just do. Two hours ago, mom offered to bond with my brother and I and my poor college mindset immediately responded “let’s go to TJ Maxx and then have some Whataburger.” Of course I was excited about the bargain I scored at TJ Maxx on my Ralph Lauren sweater, but I think I just might have been a little more excited about the chicken strips and sweet tea I had at Whataburger.

But I guess I should shut up about my obsession with fast food because it really isn’t healthy for me – especially since my New Year’s resolution is to be healthier this year. Yeah, we all know I’m going to be healthy for about a month into the semester and then realize how difficult it is to stay healthy on a college student budget. Let me remind you that the dining hall options are: healthy and expensive or cheap and fried. Guys, I go to a public Texas university, home of everything fried. Anyways, here’s the sweater I’m so excited about:

Usually this sweater would be $35 at TJ Maxx and around $50 at a regular Ralph Lauren store, but I scored this beauty for $25 plus tax. Can you say, happiness? Okay, so it’s a little much for a sweater, but I just felt like treating myself. After all, I just received my paycheck today and I’ve been meaning to purchase a warm cable knit sweater for some time now. I’m content with this purchase and will be wearing it often around campus. Hopefully the weather remains cold enough in Austin for me to get my money’s worth.

This blog post was also featured in The #RalphLauren Daily


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