A Carrie Bradshaw Moment.

I woke up this morning with the initial intention of posting about my new haircut until I logged into my Facebook account and this showed up on my news feed via the Post Secret fan page:

At first I laughed to myself and then I started to conjure up questions. When is it appropriate to ask the status of one’s relationship? When do two people go from dating to in a relationship? And when is it even appropriate to even publicly announce it to Facebook? Or should one even announce it to the social media world at all?

I remember back in junior high, my peers had “boyfriends” and “girlfriends.” But the process of acquiring a relationship was pretty simple back in the day. All a guy had to do was “ask a girl out.” In other words, a guy went up to a girl and said “will you go out with me?” and that transformed into a new “relationship.” Of course those “relationships” were usually short lived, but I must admit it was a lot simpler back then. Now, however, the task consists of dating for extensive period of time and then slowly and somewhat awkwardly asking to have a label. Of course the majority will defensively say there doesn’t have to be a label place on two people in order for it to be a “real” relationship. But sometimes, it’s just nice to know.

As far as the social media aspect of this generation goes, there is still a definite debate over whether one should even announce it to the viral world. I’ve seen successful relationships that never put in a relationship with ____ on Facebook at all. And let’s face it, the post break-up act of changing from in a relationship to single is always an awkward one. An action that consists of constant notifications and texts from friends asking “what happened?!” or declarations from friends who had the intentions of being supportive and shouting “finally!” Which brings me to the question: when did a relationship, a personal and private aspect between two people become a public display involving two people and everyone else in their social media bubble?


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