I have decided today is going to be a very lazy day. I might have woken up at 8:30 in the morning, but I can already tell that waking up “early” is the only non-slacker aspect about this day. I woke up this morning and spent an hour sorting laundry and avoided eating breakfast because I simply couldn’t think of what to cook for myself. Thank goodness dad came home with fresh French bread, so I managed to throw together a sandwich for myself.

French bread with sunny side up eggs, apples and Vietnamese coffee.

Notice how I’m still sitting in my PJ pants guys. I’m going to attempt to clean today, exercise a little and head to coffee with an old friend before I pick up my brother from his high school. I am also finally getting my haircut this afternoon. Y’all, my long locks are going to be shortened by at least 3-4 inches the next time I update with a blog post. Hopefully it’ll look decent enough for me to return to campus without embarrassment. New year, new hair? I think so, yeah.


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