New Sick.

When I was in high school, I yearned for nothing more than an extra two weeks to transform my winter break into a month long vacation. However, now that I am in college and am actually given a month long break, I desire nothing more than to return to those original two weeks of winter vacation. I am going through what I have dubbed new sick, which is the same as being home sick except I miss my new home in Austin, rather than my original home in Dallas.

Yesterday I was given the privilege to return to my old high school with two other alumnus and recruit for my school. I can honestly say that it felt just a little strange walking through the halls of the old high school again. Although I graduated not too long ago, being back at the high school made me realize just how much I’ve changed as a person. Yes, I will admit catching up with my favorite former teachers was an amazing feeling and running into old friends that were ecstatic about college was nice, but just being back and knowing that I no longer belonged to the high school made me realize that leaving the Richardson/Dallas area was a smart decision and that I changed for the better. I didn’t leave the suburb lifestyle because I hated it, but because I wanted to explore the new opportunities that Austin and UT had to offer.

In honor of the new sick I have developed, I decided to sport the new sweater my best friend gifted me for Christmas. It is the perfect combination of my two favorite things – stripes and burnt orange.

Forever 21 sweater & Target scarf.

Today I headed to the local Target to meet up with a friend at the Starbucks within the Target and to purchase a journal. One of my goals this semester is to actually sit down at least once a week and just write in a journal about all the highlights and frustrations of the week. The one problem I experienced first semester was my bottled up stress. I came to a point where I just reached a panic attack and was frustrated that certain aspects about college were not going in the direction I initially intended. So, I’ve decided to use my journal as a place to vent and calm myself down. But yes, the journal is the most private of places for anyone, especially teenage girls, but a friend to confide in is even better. The friend I had coffee with this morning is a dear one that I’ve known since the first day we bonded over playing piano the summer before freshman year of high school. It was a great two hours catching up with her and hearing about her college experiences and sharing mine. Yes, I admit that I do miss being able to see friends like her on a daily basis, but I guess in some sense, rarely seeing her has made me appreciate her even more as a friend.

So, new goals for the semester: write more and appreciate the friends I have met, but never forget the friends that I already have.


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