Good People, Great Futures.

I am a strong believer in surrounding oneself with people who are dedicated to achieving success and are constantly setting goals to accomplish. Although society pins the stereotypical college student as an individual living off of their parents with no ambition for the future, I beg to differ. I may only be nineteen years young and I probably haven’t met as many people as a senior executive at a multi-millionaire dollar company, but I have met quite a handful of individuals who have great aspirations of success and constantly strive to achieve their goals.

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Exhibit A: Rustin Charles Low or RCLow if you follow him in the social media world. I met Rustin my sophomore year of high school at the Texas High School Mock Trial State Competition. He sat in the row in front of me and we conversed a bit. Little did I know that over the next few years, he would become one of my good friends and mentors. Rustin is a prime is example that age should never be a hinderance when it comes to competing for coveted positions. As a second years RTF/PR double major pursing the Business Foundations Certificate at UT, he has already developed a brand for himself and interned for the best.  He is living proof that working hard doesn’t mean completely throwing out your social life and “me time.” He definitely follows the rule of work hard, play hard and does it in a very classy manner – business casual clothes included.

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Exhibit B: Jacob Irvin – first year Public Relations and Vocal Performance major from Sherman, Texas. I first “met” him via a mutual friend of ours and then officially met him through his roommate. It’s a small world after all. As a fellow first year student, Jake is the type of person that throws that mindset of “I’m a first year, therefore I don’t have a chance at anything” straight out of the window. The boy is talented and will be a great contribution to the world of entertainment. He’s not only good at what he does, but is professional about how he presents himself. He is one of those people that anyone would be proud to be seen in public with.

Exhibit C: The Power Couple, or as many call them: Hoang Kim Cung and Johnny Van. I really do believe that are the perfect power couple. As the current reigning Miss Texas Collegiate, HK has made her fair share of charity appearances and served for other obligations. The majority of the public are under the impression that beauty queens are just there to look pretty. Sorry society, HK is anything but just pretty. She’s pretty and intelligent, the perfect combination for a great role model to young girls. Her long-time boyfriend Johnny, is a business student and young entrepreneur that founded U Think Tank, a start-up company that helps students connect with resources to improve their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Exhibit D: Benjamin Rothenberg or Ben, as the majority of us would like to call him. A second year Advertising student pursing the Business Foundations Certificate that aspires to work on the creative end of advertising. Like Rustin, Ben is the type of person who uses his professional and personal Twitter account as one and provide professional Tweets along with witty banter.  Although I have only known him for a short time, he has become my go-to guy for opinions about advertising and sports. He has goals and is ready to take them on at full force and isn’t willing to let anything get in his way.

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Exhibit E: Hugo Javier Rojo, or as I’d like to call him – my best friend and PR partner in crime. Hugo and I met through Texas Tower Public Relations: the student run public relations firm on campus. Hugo is one of those first-year PR students, like myself, who could honestly care less if a job posting is intended for upperclassmen only. He has had his fair share of internships even before attending college and shares the same goal of making it big in the public relations world as I do. Of all the public relations majors I’ve met this semester, he is the one that understands why I try so hard to go the extra mile sometimes please a PR pro.

I am so blessed to attend the same institution as these individuals. I know that one day, they will become incredibly successful in the business world and I can only hope that they’ll remember me. One of the most important aspects about becoming successful is surrounding oneself with people who share the same drive and desire for achievement beyond the usual 9:00 – 5:00 job. Ambitious people do not question why I want to hand write a thank you note alongside a thank you e-mail. No, they understand the importance of that hand-written note. They do not question why I have a list of goals and aspirations because they have their own list too. So, my dear readers and friends, spend time with people who know that college is meant to prepare you for life, not just some institution you spend four years at to find yourself in debt.



  1. Vi, I’m so blessed to know you and so honored to have made the cut for this blog. I agree with everything you wrote, and I can’t wait for you to return to Austin so we can play hard before the semester begins. I see nothing but success in your future, and I can’t wait to take that journey with you. XOXR.

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