Bright and sunny?

According to the weather application on my Macbook, it is currently 63 degrees in Dallas right now. Which means, for the first time all winter, it’s actually quite warm. The negative part about this weather? I don’t exactly know how to dress “nicely” for warm weather. I’m more of a cold weather, throw up on boots and a warm blazer or petticoat kind of girl. I’ve always been fond of cold weather and the clothes that go along with it. However, I must work with what I have and venture into the world of retail and “make bank” for the next semester, even if it means I have to come up with a thrown together outfit.

Banana Republic headband and top, Madewell necklace, American Eagle jeans, Lucky Brand watch and Gap bag. 

I figured I’d add a bit of a close-up of the headband and necklace I’m wearing. Wish me luck in the world of retail for my barely there shift. I seriously am not getting paid enough to do this.



  1. I’m the same way! I love dressing for winter and feel it’s easier to put together an outfit with layers. Here in Florida it’s still hot and people are sunning by the pool! It’s frustrating, but also kinda nice. Happy New Year to you! 🙂

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