Post Lazy Baking.

Instead of having the lazy day I had originally intended, I told myself I needed to get out of the house and actually be productive. My brother and I haven’t had much time to ourselves since winter break started, so I figured today was the perfect opportunity to spend time with him. Of course, I had to document my semi-cute outfit and then proceed to blog about it.

Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, Old Navy jeans, Old Navy bag, Target scarf, Lucky Brand watch and grey TOMS – not shown.

The brother and I decided to start our adventure at TJ Maxx because I, being a Maxxinista, have always believed that one should never have to pay full price to look nice. After about two hours of browsing and attempting to find something that suited not only my style, but also my budget, I managed to find this hidden diamond in the rough:

I have been searching for a navy blazer for quite some time now, so when I found this hidden amongst the sea of clearance items, I knew it had to be mine. Ignore the fact that I totally have on PJ pants because I really did attempt to put on a decent outfit for y’all and show off the new blazer. I even threw on a scarf, watch and a new shirt. I’m pretty excited about this purchase and I honestly can’t wait to wear it more often, especially when I’m back on campus next semester.

In other news, in case you all haven’t noticed, the majority of my posts have steered more towards outfit and baking documentation. I was told once that a blog needs to have a consistent topic and when I first started this blog, I wasn’t quite sure which path to take and now, I think I have found my niche. However, I must be honest with y’all. My posts for baking will reduce significantly, if not entirely, once classes begin again due to the sheer fact that dorm kitchens are not fabulous and the closest grocery store requires a bus ride. I will, however, attempt to document as much of my baking as possible during winter break and I surely hope all of you are enjoying it.


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