Ten Things Tuesday – second edition.

With all the bustle of holidays and busy work weeks, I almost forgot today was Tuesday. And y’all know what that means: Ten Things Tuesday! In this second edition, I will reveal to you one of my guilty pleasures – dressing up for no apparent reason and documenting how proud I am about my outfit.

Exhibit A:

J.Crew skirt & shirt, Gap scarf, Express tights, Bandolino boots, Old Navy bag, Lucky Brand watch and a J.Crew plaid headband (not shown).

Anyways, back to the original intention of this post: the ten things that make me happy.

1. Sifting through magazines to find outfit inspiration
2. Buying the look for less/on sale
3. Dressing up for no reason
4. Pretty PJ bottoms
5. Simple, sophisticated and timeless accessories
6. Writing for fun
7. Making lists and checking it twice – You’re not the only one Santa
8. Conservative nail polish colors
9. Reading my favorite blogs
10. Pinterest

Have a nice day y’all!


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